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The Benefits of a Real Fruit Mix

When people living busy lives try to fit four full servings of fruit into their daily diets, things can get a little complicated. Luckily, someone figured out that blending fruit with ice and a base (water, juice, milk)can lead to a delicious and convenient way to get all that fruit expediently. However, heading to the local fruit stand every day can get expensive pretty quickly, and making smoothies at home can be a pain. Not to mention the inconsistency of various fruits and veggies can lead to unwarranted tasting. The best way to enjoy smoothies is to look around for a real fruit mix that can be used to make smoothies. Smoothies from concentrate? Absolutely. Youll be amazed by the convenience and versatility an all-natural smoothie mix can bring to your home.


Smoothie Benefits


Most people realize that smoothies taste amazing, but their benefits go deeper than that! Smoothies made with real fruit mix are an ideal way to get more fruit in your system easily. They can even help with digestion and lead to healthier lifestyles. Eating right isnt always easy, but a smoothie allows for a little flexibility. Mix up a little real fruit mix with ice, some yogurt or Smartfruit Omega Peanut Butter,or even throw in a fresh banana, and youve got yourself a fast and easy meal on the go.


Whats in it?


Checking the ingredient list on a bottle of smoothie concentrate is vital. There are tons of companies out there putting only the smallest amount of fruit possible in their products and filling the rest of the bottle with additives, sugar, and preservatives. To get the most out of your smoothies, its important to understand what is in the bottle and why. The finest smoothie mixes on the market today are made with 100% real fruit, all-natural ingredients and provide three full servings of fruit per smoothie. Theres a big difference between different brands of smoothie mix. Be sure youre getting the best like Smartfruit real fruit smoothie mix.


Not Just Smoothies!


The best part about having a real fruit mix around is that it doesnt have to be just used for smoothies. Sure, smoothies are delicious, but the right mix can be used to create dozens of tantalizing treats. It can be used to make juice from concentrate by simply adding water, or as a delicious and healthy topping for desserts and ice cream. It can also be used to create innovative and amazing new beverages, like sparkling iced teas and fruity frappes. The beverages can be made with an existing drink as a base, or entirely new drinks can be made by adding different ingredients. For the more adventurous out there, even alcoholic beverages can be experimented with the real fruit mixes.

Real fruit mix is a fantastic way to enjoy smoothies at home, easily, conveniently, and cost effectively. A smoothie mix from concentrate can be stored safely while having longer shelf-stability than regular fruit. Investing a little time experimenting with a top quality all-natural smoothie mix will yield surprisingly great results. If you’re going to drink smoothies, you want to make sure that you’re drinking real fruit mix, not an amalgamation of chemicals.

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